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Date: 16th June 2016
High Speed EPS Automatic Horizontal Cutting Machine
EPS auto cutting machine?HLZCZ series automatic punch press consists auto sheet feeding,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, auto position detecting , auto cutting, counting, stacking and auto load out .This machine is fully computerizing control and using servo drive motor with high standard electronic component . It can fully perform automatic cutting with perfect result .Model Parameters Unit HLZCZ-760 (Horizontal) HLZCZ-1100 (Horizontal) HLZCZ-1300 (Horizontal) Max.effective areamm2762*400 (30"*15.7")1120*400 (44"*15.7")1270*500 (50"*19.5")Max.cutting heightmm150(5.9")150(5.9")150(5.9")Max.cutting forcet203535Cutting efficiencyCycles/min150150150Mounted capacitykw152225Weightt689Installation size(LxWxH)m5x3.7x3.55x4.5x3.55x4.5x3.5