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Date: 16th June 2016
High Speed And Automatic EPS Thermoforming Machine For Lunch Box
EPS thermforming machine ??HLRCH series high speed thermoforming machine consists fully automatic forming ,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com,punch cutting and automatic stacking which are the new generation developed by Holin. This line has high efficiency in producing , perfect cutting performance,easy operation, high durability and trouble-free of punching mould (generally more than 8 years)?Technical Specifications for Thermoforming Machine?Model Parameters Unit HLRCH-760/1010 HLRCH-1100/1300 HLRCH-1300/1300 HLRCH-1300/1420 Max.forming areamm2762*1016 (30"*40")1120*1295 (44"*51")1270*1295 (50"*51")1270*1420 (50"*56")Max.forming depthmm127(5")127(5")127(5")127(5")Mould clamp forcet40606060Max.forming speedCycles/min30303030Oven lengthmm3000530053005600Mounted capacitykw110330365400Weightt7111416Installation size(LxWxH)m10x2x2.514x2.2x2.514x2.35x2.515x2.35x2.5