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Date: 16th June 2016
EPS Hydraulic Thermoforming Machine For Disposable Lunch Box
EPS hydraulic thermoforming machineHLRC series thermal forming machine groups developed by Holin. Integrates vacuum forming (negative pressure forming),Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com,press forming into one (positive pressure forming), mold forming and comprehensive forming. Products can mainly be formed with vacuum, also with compressed air, dies pressure and synthetic method. It can produce almost all products. This unit uses PLC forming, user friendly interface operation electric appliance, hydraulic and vacuum systems with famous international brand are selected and used.?Model Parameters UnitHLRC-1100/1250 Max.forming areamm21000x1250Max.forming depthmm130Production?efficiencycycles/min20Forming pressuret15Heater capacitykw150Motor powerkw14.5Weightt12.5Installation size?(LxWxH)m15x2.1x2.5