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Date: 16th June 2016
EPE Foam Sheet Extruder
High foaming polyethylene slice production line is single stage extruding and foaming equipment with large L/D. It takes polyethylene resin with low density as raw material,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, through screw plasticizing and mixing after adding small amount of auxiliary material, mixed with shrinking proof agent (injected by high precision high pressure measuring pump), mixed with foaming agent( injected by high precision high pressure measuring pump), extrudes from dies after homogenizing, cooling and mixing, and dragging and rewinding.High foaming polyethylene sheets are widely used in the area of thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact damping and sealing. Besides, they are widely used in the industrial products packaging. This production line developed and manufactured by Holin has more than 20 years history, thus we have plenty of experience and excellent technology.This unit has reasonable price, easy operation, stable performance, high yield, lower energy consumption and high Automation.Main Technical Parameters?Model ParametersUnitHLSJPE-90/50HLSJPE-105/50HLSJPE-123/53HLSJPE-150/55HLSJPE-180/58CapacityKg/h60-10080-130100-160230-330350-500Screw diametermm90105120150180Length diameter ratioL/D5050535558Foaming ratiotimes30-5030-5030-5030-5030-50Densitykg/m318-3018-3018-3018-3018-30Drawing speedm/min20-8020-8020-8020-8020-80Width of slice materialMM16001600160020002000Thickness of slice materialMM0.5-50.5-60.5-81.5-123-20Center heightMM11001100110011001100Mounted capacitykw90110150200350Cooling water pressureT/H810121820Cooling water amountMpa?0.2?0.2?0.2?0.2?0.2Weight of whole machineT1112131825Installation size(L*W*H)M21?5?322?5?323?5?326?5?330?5?3?