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Date: 16th June 2016
Double Or Single Screw PP Sheet Extruder
Material suitable for machinePP+talc powder,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, also PE and PSSheet thickness0.2-1.8mmSheet width600-880?adjustable?Thickness tolerance?0.015mmCapacity450kg/h?500kg/hMax. Additive of talc powder50%??? Running conditionPower?380V?50HZ?Negotiated for different volt ?Cooling water: max. Volume 40T/h?Water temperature: 300C??Pressure: 0.2?0.4MpaMount power260kw?Running powerAround 130kwDimension24mx6mx5m (LxWxH) Height can be 9m when automatic feeding system equippedSurface quality for sheetSmooth and clean surface, no visible talc powder spot