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Date: 16th June 2016
Big Capacity EPS Waste Recycle Machine
HLFSJ Plastic recycle machineHLFSJ ?plastic recycle machine units are the plastic recycling machine unit specially for recycling foaming plastic.lt can recycle foam PS plastic. This unit is equipped with wide inlet crusher,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, blower to transport material l(to transport crushed foaming plastic, the Max. transport distance is 50m)Process FlowWide inlet grinder? Pneumatic feeding? ?Silo? Spiral material loading? Forced material adding? Extruder? Cooling? Granulating? ?PackingMain technical parametersParameterUnitHLFSJ-80HLFSJ-130HLFSJ-150Capacitykg/h30-50100-180100-220Total Powerkw3090120Screwmm80130/100150/120Weightt2810Sizem6*1.5*1.917*3.5*5.520*3.5*5.5