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Date: 16th June 2016
Big Capacity EPS Foam Sheet Extruder For Lunch Box
olin is the invigation to supply high foaming polystyrene sheet extruder unit in the market. We have more than 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing this unit. After constant improvement,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, the machine has the features: high capacity, low power consumption, stable performance, high automation and high quality products.The high foaming polystyrene sheet extruder unit is mainly used in food packaging, such as food boxes, plates, bowls, industrial protecting packaging,KD board and also can also be used as the thermal insulation and sound- proof material.The high foaming polystyrene sheet extruder unit made by Holin is the two stage series extrude foaming production line. It takes general polystyrene(GPPS) as raw material, adding some auxiliary materials and then plastified .in extruder machine. Mixing with foaming agent( foaming agent injected by metering pump of high precision and high pressure),milling, homogenizing, cooling and finally forming different sizes of high foaming polystyrene sheets after extruded from the machine head. Customers also can add printing machine in line according to their needs.?The high foaming polystyrene sheet extruder unit made by Holin has the following advantages:?Optimal designed precise screws.?Equip with precise extrusion elements?Special designed end of second stage extruder to ensure no leakage.?With static mixing elements to ensure uniformity of plasticized.Main Technical Parameters?Model ParametersUnitHLSJPS-70/90HLSJPS-80/100HLSJPS-90/120HLSJPS-100/310HLSJPS-120/150CapacityKg/h90-110110-150170-210250-310370-500Sheet thicknessmm1.2-51.2-61.2-61.2-61.2-6Sheet widthmm500-1100600-13001000-20001000-20001000-2000Foaming ratiotimes11-3011-3011-3011-3011-30Densitykg/m333-9033-9018-3018-3018-30Length diameter ratioL/D36/1,33/136/1,33/136/1,33/135/1,33/135/1,33/1Cooling typeAir cooling for first stage extruder,?water cooling for second stage extruderLiner speedm/min5-305-305-405-405-40Center heightMM11001100110011001100Compressed air pressureMpa0. air amountm3/min0. injection pressureMpa11111Cooling water amountT/H68111318Cooling water pressureMpa?0.2?0.2?0.2?0.2?0.2Weight of whole machineT1113151822Installation ?size(L*W*H)M25?4?326?4?327?4?333?5?333?5?3