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Date: 16th June 2016
Automatic PET Thermoforming Machine For Fruit Package
Thermoforming Machines for combined forming&punchingProduct details:? HLRCY series thermoforming unit has combined Holin technology essences over the last 20 years. It integrates thermoforming,Website:http://www.chinathermoforming.com, punching and stacking in one machine,which is one of the most advanced thermoforming equipment over the world.? HLRCY series thermoforming unit adopts full servo configuration, and its forming station, punching station,separating station, stacking pushing station and sheet feeding chain as well as the width adjustment of chain are all controlled by servo motor. 16 axes of servo systems are set on the whole machine.? HLRCY series has special independent rapid clamping system and high-precision computer control system.Therefore, this machine has many advantages such as easy operation, high production efficiency, good stability,high automation and so on. It also can remember the technical parameters.? HLRCY series thermoforming unit can form almost all thermoforming sheets, such as PP, PET, HIPS, BOPS, PE,PLA, PVC and ABS, etc. It is suitable for vacuum forming,press forming and comprehensive forming. Because it is equipped with pre-stretching device, the wall thickness of the products is very even. It can be used to produce various kinds of packaging products like containers, plates,bowls, cups, and lids etc.Technical Specifications:Model Parameters HLRCY-700 HLRCY-800 Sheet applicationPP ?PET ?HIPS ?BOPS ?PE ?PLA ?PVC ?ABSMax.sheet thickness1.5mm1.5mmMax.tool dimensions900x610mm990x710mmMax.forming area760x600mm850x700mmMax.cutting area760x600mm850x700mmMax.forming depth120mm120mmMax.sheet width790mm880mmMin.sheet width400mm400mmHeating power of upper heater42.5kw47.5kwHeating power of lower heater42.5kw47.5kwTotal power125kw155kwForming pressure40t50tCutting force40t50tProduction speed50cycles/min50cycles/minCompressed air1m3/min,0.7MPa1.2m3/min,0.7MPaCooling capacity5000KCal5000KCalWeight12t15tInstallation size(LxWxH)13.5mx3.5mx3.2m15.5mx3.5mx3.2m